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Welcome to the King James Version “Digital Bible”, a Free online reference provided by the good folks at Sound Trax Technologies, A Web Design and Management Company, providing the design, web space and management; in conjunction with the “Project Guttenberg”, an effort to digitize all classic & historical books for easier distribution. All “Project Guttenberg” Books are Free, If you are ever charged for the text of any “Project Guttenberg” book, please report it to us or to the “Project Gutenberg” Web site.


We are currently reformatting, (for the third time, but at least this time the sever farm is not stripping our pages every other day), and splitting the books up into a single chapter per page.  The formatting also includes contrasting verse numbers and bullet notation for easy navigation and instant recognition of verses.

Absolutely Free

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We are seeking a Volunteer to help get some of these pages formatted and chapter shortcuts installed. So far we have completed through the Old Testament, (approx 1280 hours). To Volunteer send us your Name, email, and short bio here. > > VOLUNTEER